Minggu, 17 Januari 2016

Thoughts of the day.

Here's what's stumbled upon my thoughts this morning 

I realized that I wanted to master dutch so much. Cos I used to be really good with it as if I was a native speaker (well ya ofc I lived there for 3 years in total), but nowadays, it is limited only to understand conversations BUT NOT BEING ABLE TO RESPOND. How sad :(
But the thing about language is, the more you talk about it, the more fluent you're going to be. In Yogyakarta, there are numerous of language center that offers courses, for example IFI (Institute Francaise Indonesia), Lembaga Bahasa Spanyol, IONS International Education (Offers multilanguage courses), and many more. I have seen one around my dormhouse area, it is called OSVO, but I have never seen any activities inside, and what's worse, I think they're gonna destroy the place, well idk much about that. 
So here I am, everyday, watching youtube, hoping that I could learn something from them. Cos I don't want to spend dollars and dollars through my parent's credit card to learn online.

Second, I want to learn playing saxophone so much. 
That's it. I could play piano for years, but it's just not my thing though I can play it. 
Saxophone is just too classy, jazzy, and sexy. It really complements with the whole rythym, since I love jazz music so much, I think saxophone is standout by itself.

Third, I want to live in an area that I could get easy access of bakery ingredients, including good quality cream cheese, chocolate chunks and many fine baking ingredients. 
You  know that I LOOOOVVVEEEEE baking so much, but the problem is, it is SO FRICKING HARD to find good quality of baking ingredients. So, the end product is just.....meh (for my taste)

This is pretty random for a post, but that's what I have been thinking in the past couple days. 
Anyways, I shall return to Yogyakarta within a week, so sad :(

Rabu, 21 Oktober 2015

Reaching the end of October..............................

So, I just got home from my incredible journey from Vancouver, Canada
I promise to write a post and upload bunch of pictures for sure ;)

and I couldn't thank enough to God that I'll be going to Sweden next summer for my clinical clerkship! I never thought once in my life that I'd pick a top notch-expensive-country, cos it's one of scandinavian country, but it's F-ing beautiful. What can I say? 

But my dad asked me why I didn't pick Germany or other "mainstream" western europe countries.
Here's the reason why 
  1. Apparently, Sweden is one of the best medical research and academic in Europe
  2. Sweden won't be that warm during summer and I HATE it when the sun is starting to burn my skin and the humidity just make me lazy to explore the city (this happened during our western europe trip especially in Italy)
  3. I want to explore the neighboring countries around sweden : Norway and Denmark! 
Anyways, I am thinking to start eating healthy cos I suck at picking the healthy and hearty choice of food (and I am a med student, duh!). Yup, I don't want to look bloat up during my graduation next 2017.

So, I'll see you later!

Senin, 03 Agustus 2015

Utimate Rebound of The Year : FIGO 2015, CANADA

So here I am in my own room, finally putting up some thoughts into this post.

Reaching to the mid of 2015, there has been things going on in my life.

Happy? well, not really. Sad? YES. But hey, there are 6 more months!

Remember when I said that I wanted to be a teaching assistants? Yep, got declined.
Remember when I said that I wanted to be part of National Officials Team? Yep, didn't get the majority votes.

Devastated? Big time.

They say that every cloud has its silver lining, so I got one.

I am the IFMSA Delegation to attend the annual World Congress of FIGO (Federation of International Gynecologist and Obstetrician) in Vancouver, Canada!
So, what's the story behind it?
I was looking up on e-mails in IFMSA mailing lists, and found that they have partnership with FIGO which happened to be...................They will pay partially for the registration fee and accomodation for the lucky 10 medical students worldwide!

What's the catch? I have to write down motivation letter about myself and maternal health condition in Indonesia (in this case, I wrote down about the demography and epidemiology in my hometown, cilegon). I remembered, a friend of mine invited me to his birthday treat and I couldn't decline him, so he said that I shouldve just brought my laptop and did my stuff in the restaurant!

It was an hour before the deadline and yet I still juggled with words. What kind of motivation letter that would impress them? Are these worth it to be done, like c'mon, 10 people worldwide? Are you good enough to be chosen?

But screw that, I just typed whatever that came across my mind. I made a par CV as well, I didn't ask my friend to add some designs for my CV because it was only 5 minutes away from the deadline! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! So, I sent the email right away (thank god they had wifi there, otherwise it's all gone) and finally could blend into the crowds and ate the meal.

Couple days later, I woke up at 3 AM and realized it has been a while since I performed Sholat Tahajud. It was weird what kind of spirit that drove me to do it, but I did it. After that, I checked my e-mail and I got the fricking email from IFMSA!

Finally, I called my mom during Adzan, she was totally lost. Like really lost. She was like, "Wait, you're going to Canada? So whose going to pay it?" I kept explaining her but since she was all sleepy head, I decided to hang up.
Then, in the morning, my dad called me again and asked me to tell the whole story of a lucky girl who got a "golden ticket". He seemed to not believe in me at first, but at the end, he was all proud to me, which was relieving. I finally made him proud after two years of roller coaster like-GPA which didn't satisfy him enough (I kinda feel bad about this)

So, it's 2 more months people!
Finally going to place that I have never been before by myself :)
Canada, here I come!

Selasa, 06 Januari 2015


Achieving higher level of education has been my goal since I was little. I don't want to only have asssociate degree. I simply want more, simply because I trust my capability. Besides focusing on my academic, I want to be a bussinesswoman. Well, lacking of my bussiness education, I do have my dad and my brother with entrepreneur background, so they will always have my back. Coming from a family who excells in cooking, I'm growing the sense of it. I love to cook, especially baking. My grandmother and my mother don't bake. They love to cook traditional food which what I lack of. So, during holidays, we'd love to cook together, share the knowledge that we have about food, since we have different style of cooking. 

  1. Graduated from Medical School with honors.
  2. Nailed clinical rotation. Pleased the residents and the attendings. I want the honor to watch amazing operations, or assisting them ( this one is pretty impossible, but, oh well...... )
  3. Passed the board exam, take the doctor's oath, I'M A MEDICAL DOCTOR Y'ALL !
  4. I want to live up my life, I promise not to tie the knot yet, cos I earn it this far. I want to enjoy all the accomplishment in my life before sharing it with other person. I want to travel as far as I could with my savings, getting wasted ( in a good way, duuuh...... ), and do other stuff I have never done before. 
  5. Internship. Well, of course, if you wanted to be a specialist.
  6. Work it out! I'm planning to work at a hospital for 2 years and save some money from it for enrolling specialty.
  7. Nailed the Admission test for my residency program. Y'all know that Obstetrician Gynecologist is really what I want to become. Please if you happened to read this part, say "amen" to this :D Thank you!
  8. 4.5 years of residency completed and I'm becoming an OB-GYN
  9. Working in the hospital as a fresh OB-GYN
  10. Continue for being a consultant in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility ( this one focuses in In Vitro Fertilization ) or Maternal - Fetal Medicine.
  11. Own a "calorie friendly" bakeshop next to my own-built-maternal clinic. I also want to add Yoga Class for the pregnant women which will train their muscle during in labour. 
  12. I want to be an intern in a short period of time in WHO, focusing about maternal care
  13. I also want to earn a Ph.D focusing in Maternal Health from Yale University, United States of America
  14. To be honest, becoming a sexologist is a spin off aside being an OB-GYN.
  15. I want to be a speaker in any International Medical Conference.
  16. I want to do the ROUND THE WORLD TRIP !
  17. THE LIST IS ENDLESS AND I JUST WANT TO TYPE OTHER 100 THINGS I WANT TO DO AND BECOME......................................................
You guys probably realized that I haven't listed " Getting married with the loved one and have beautiful and smart kids ". Yea, I WANT TO GET MARRIED SO BAD! But, looking up on myself, I just don't know when. To be honest, I'm just scared that I have to start another chapter of my life with other "human being". I'm scared that my marriage will be screwed up, and I'm also terrified that I will be so selfish to achieve many things that pleased me which will put my family aside. Especially when I have newborns and my career is rising up like crazy, can I manage both simultaneously? beacuse I don't want to have a nanny to take care my kids. I want to make my kids strong and independent, even when their mother is not around. Besides that, I'm just scared of being myself this ambitious, it's just hard to find a perfect husband that will accept the way I am, I think, I behave. There are still many husband who don't allow their wife to work. Imagine that I asked my husband that I wanted to enroll residency ? Even me myself, I'm just not sure. Actually, there are bunch of list actually that scares the shit out me of starting a family.  BUT, I DO WANT TO BE SOMEONE ELSE'S WIFE though :D

Anyways, thank you for reading it. I'm aware that this blog is "dusty" due to the lack of commitments to publish routine posts. 

Minggu, 04 Januari 2015

2015 in a Nutshell

Resolusi yang bener bener dibuat untuk 2015, seriusan ini bukan akumulasi dari resolusi tahun tahun lalu. Semoga apa yang aku tulis disini selalu jadi motivasi dan pacuan buat jadi lebih baik. Walaupun mungkin terkesan ambisius, tapi gapapa lah, terkadang kita perlu dorongan yang kuat gak cuman lisan aja, tapi dari tulisan supaya kita bisa tetap teringat buat jadi lebih baik. Let's go !
  1. Jadi Asisten Mahasiswa untuk Skills Laboratory. I love anything practical, especially when it comes to deal with patients. I got an A for my OSCE so I have been really thrilled to prepare the selection. Finger crossed !
  2.  Ngga munafik samsek, aku juga pengen banget IPK ku naik, which semester 4 ini IPnya diusahain banget 4. It has been ups and downs for my GPA and I just figured out the best learning style that suits me. JUST FIGURED OUT. Like c'mon Mitha, you're already a second year med student. Well, later is better than never 'aite ?
  3. Khusus untuk Januari 2015, #HolidayBakingProject bisa menghasilkan keuntungan sampai 300ribu ! Jadi berawal dari hobi aku yang suka masak, terutama bikin cupcakes, iseng aja waktu itu jualan, eh gak taunya laku banget ! Ditambah kemarin pas World AIDS Day, aku bantuin danus dengan jualan Red Velvet Cupcake with Nutella Filling langsung ludes des des des dan alhamdulillah untungnya 190rb :D 
  4. Berat Badan : 60kg. I have never been skinny after 20 years being alive. NEVER. Well, these past 2 years was really challenging. I did lose 7 kilos, but it was like "yo-yo" kind of weighing. So, I'm still looking for other losing weight alternatives, besides using certain product. This semester's holiday, I'm trying to drink 2 litres of water everyday, eat plenty of fruits and sauteed veggies ( the veggies part are kind of hard since I'm really picky of choosing them to eat ), and exercise ! My goal is not only losing the amount of fat in my body, but also keeping my body in shape. So yeah, holiday is the perfect way to apply those stuff, however, the challenge raises up when your mom suddenly cooks something really exquisite above 6 PM. For some girls, 60kg is still A LOT, but not for me. I want to take it slow and try to maintain the weight. Later on, i'm going to lose it up again. 
  5. Ikut Summer School di Eropa. WHO DOESN'T TEMPTED TO GO LIKE SERIOUSLY ? Netherlands was my first choice, but as I search other schools which provide summer course as well, like Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and many unexplored countries, I want to go to places I have never been before. Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden provide an excellent summer course since its reputation as the leading medical research in europe. Lund University in Sweden is excellent as well, and so does University of Groningen in The Netherlands. It's a lot of choices ! My objective of choosing the school is based on their theme. Nowadays, they offer tropical medicine as the main theme. Of course, most of south east asian students are pretty much up to par in terms of their comprehension in that field of study and will contribute a lot during summer course. Banyak banget yak mikirnya, hahaha, iya tapi kan emang harus dipilih dengan bijak juga, mana sekolah yang gak terlalu mahal juga nge-charge harga coursesnya. STILL, I HAVE TO JOIN THE SUMMER SCHOOL THIS YEAR !
  6. Daftar jadi NCORA (?). Kenapa ada tanda tanya-nya, soalnya aku masih bimbang. Setelah gagal nyalonin jadi VLE di CIMSA UGM, bukan berarti aku gak aktif lagi di CIMSA UGM dong. Aku jadi lebih introspeksi diri dan tentunya bisa lebih aktif di SCORA. Alhamdulillah aku pernah jadi Project Officer juga :) bcos organization experience wasn't my thing until High School. I didn't even join student council at that time bcs I was too lazy. Di kuliah, aku gak akan pernah nyangka kalau aku bakalan seaktif ( dan SIBUK BANGET YA ALLAH ) gini. Jadi sie. acara itu udah jadi kebiasaan aku dan aku seneng jadi "otak" dari suatu acara. Tahun ini, CIMSA UGM nge-host national meetingnya SCORA yang namanya NATIONAL PEER EDUCATOR WORKSHOP, dan aku dipilih buat jadi Koor. Acara. Proud and burdening at the same time. Tapi aku gak mau ngambil pusing juga, that's why aku milih anak anak yang kompeten dan asik juga tentunya. Well, wish me luck !
  7. Semester 5 udah nulis skripsi. Really ambitious and bold
  8. Ngunjungin tempat - tempat hits Jogja. Sekarang Jogja bukan cuman Prambanan ataupun Borobudur ( duh bahkan borobudur itu di Magelang, bukan di Jogja. ) Sekarang ada hutan pinus Imogiri yang jadi sasaran foto hits anak gopro  jaman sekarang. Terus, gumuk pasir di Parangtritis, lava tour, dll. Pokoknya harus disempetin :) 
  9. Got another A for my second OSCE. Kalo yang pertama bisa, kenapa yang kedua ngga bisa ? :) 
  10. Ikut exchange-nya SCOPE. Nope, I probably wont choose mainstream european countries. I want to go up north, probably to Sweden? Actually, I wanted to apply to The Netherlands, but since CIMSA Indonesia doesn't have the contract and Holland IFMSA only allows EU citizen to come, well.....what a shame :( Well, let's see the countries that have contracts with Indonesia, and i'm good to go ! 
  11. SAVE MY MONEY FOR TRAVELING DURING SCOPE EXCHANGE. Sebetulnya belum tau sih aku bakalan diterima di SCOPE atau ngga, tapi semoga aja ya :) Amiiin. The perks of being an AFS alumni is the endless list of friends that we met during exchange. Kita selalu bilang kalo janji bakalan ngunjungin satu sama lain di negara masing masing. Some of my friends already traveled to Indonesia and it felt so great to see them after 3 years ! In return, I'm planning to visit my AFS friends and what exciting is they live in big cities, like Oslo ( Norway ), Zurich ( Switzerland ),  Hamburg ( Germany ), Turku ( Finland ), and many more. I just can't wait for the big trip. I also add Athens and Santorini in Greece. Now, imagine how much money I need to save ? tee hee.
  12. Bikin cheesecake. I KNOW IT'S HARD AND KIND OF EXPENSIVE TO BUY THE INGREDIENTS. It will worth the financial pain tho  
  13. Nonton pemutaran film film asing. Kemarin soalnya ketinggalan nonton film prancis di XXI jogja. Semoga tahun ini ada pemutaran film-film lainnya !
  14. Explore Indonesia's great cities. Last August I went to Bali for the first time after 10 years, and I was astonished upon the airport and the entire island ! Modern and culturally preserved at the same time. I also went to Semarang last year, however, three days were not enough. I'm planning to re-visit Surabaya and Madura for their famous Bebek Sinjay and Sambal Bu Rudi this year ! Medan and Palembang are also my dream destination. Yes, it's the food that i'm aiming. 
  15. The lucky 15, which is the highlight of the year : The Better Mitha. 
What a quite list !

Selasa, 25 November 2014

Keseharianku ; Wisuda ; Skripsi

Aku bukan orang yang pinter nulis, tapi kadang seneng juga kalau bisa menuangkan semuanya ke dalan suatu tulisan. Miris ngeliat post terakhir sekitar 3 bulan yang lalu, padahal banyak banget yang mau aku ceritain di blog ini.

I'm pleased to announce that finally...........................IT'S RAINY SEASON Y ALL !
Cuacanya lebih adem, appetite untuk makan menurun karena males keluar kosan, hehe. Hasrat buat belajar entah kenapa malah meningkat, mungkin karena adem gitu kali ya jadinya otaknya ngga selemot biasanya ( Ngga ngerti ini ada hubungannya apa ngga, tapi kenyataannya begitu )

Anyways, aku udah menginjak tahun ke 2 dan bakalan sebentar lagi menuju semester 4 AAAHHH TIDAK ! Time flies so fast, doesn't it? Kakak kakak 2011 makin banyak yang pendadaran, makin banyak yang susah diminta buat ditentirin karena fokus sama skripsinya juga. Speaking of skripsi, gak nyangka juga sekarang aku bagian dari penelitian Kanker Thyroid sama 2 temen aku dan dr. Didik. Nah, nanti penelitian ini bakalan jadi skripsiku, seneng banget kan ? Udah agak lega ada dasar buat skripsiku nanti. Walaupun sebenernya aku super tertarik sama Ob-Gyn ( kedokteran kandungan ), tapi PA pun ngga masalah.

Salut banget sama diriku sendiri, soalnya semester ini sama sekali ngga balik ! Wo hooooo ! Habis ujian blok ngga kepikiran sama sekali buat balik ke Cilegon, walaupun sebenernya pengen banget balik, tapi ngga enak juga minta uang terus. Hmm, apa lagi ya? Sampai bingung sendiri apa yang mau diceritain......

Ada beberapa fokus yang lagi aku jalanin sekarang sih, selain penelitian, mau ngebagusin blok Abdominal Problems, persiapan seleksi Asdos dan World AIDS Day karena kebetulan aku jadi project officernya. Wish me luck ?


Senin, 18 Agustus 2014

Recap : Medschool 101


I hope I have continuous commitments to keep updating what's been happening in my life, in fact, I'm such a lazy potato who's been struggling to cherish and utilize the bliss of holiday, rather, complaining how boring my holiday is. We'll get that part later

I'd like to announce that I HAVE OFFICIALLY SURVIVED MY FIRST YEAR AT MEDICAL SCHOOL ! Wow. I did say that outloud, right after I have finished my Nerve System Make Up Test. I had three big exams before going back to Cilegon, you have no idea how tough to divide my time studying those, especially the biggest one : OSCE or the clinical examinations.

Upperclassmen have been talking this dreaded OSCE ( I forget what does it stand for ), which basically they'd provide 12 different stations that has different time allocations each and when the clock is ticking we have to move to the next station. What are we doing inside ? Well, we have the doctor who examined us, the simulated patient ( in indonesian we used to call it " probandus" ) and equipments. Basically, we'd know what we are gonna examine inside, cos there is this sign of what kind of examination that we'd perform, e.g. Neuro Station, so we'd probably have to perform biceps/triceps/patella/achilles or all of the reflexes that have been thought. After brief reading the scenario, we have to asses the patient's ID, medical history including allergy, medication, family history and so on, explain the performed examination, the risk and how we'll minimize the risk and ask for consent. Like real doctor, huh ? I'd say that Skills Lab is the practical session that I enjoyed the most. 

Doing an EKG procedure ! Nailed it :D

However, my one joyous-teary-fucking awesome year was not always about happy endings at the end of a block. As we know that Gadjah Mada's Medical Faculty applies block system so that everything are as order and really systemic. Each block we have numbers of lectures, suitable practical session from certain departments and skills lab. At the end of block, we'd have practical sessions exams and the GPA centered-exams : CBT or Computer Based Test. Normally, your CBT result would picturize your GPA cos it contributes 70/80% for your block GPA. How did I do it ? Fucked up. I couldn't find better word to describe it. I did nail 2 out of 6 blocks, but the rest of it ? Trashy. Luckily, I took some kind of remidiation CBT that could increase my block GPA until 3.5. Awesome right ? I did increase my fucked up-block's GPA until 3.5 but I swear to god no more remidiation for next year ( I hope it stays like what I say, Amen ).

Supplies for Anatomy Exams or so called : Tentamen 
What a bloody year. That's all I can say. I was struggling to divide my time between studying and socializing. I'm involved in CIMSA, a medical students' organization who focuses on youth awakening to improve nation's health. This organization really captured my eyes, it's just really exciting to be part of them. I went to three CIMSA's national meeting, in Malang, Solo and Semarang. After all, Malang offered me good times to cherish, since it was my first meeting. The social program was superb! We went to Bromo Mountain ( failed to see the sun rise though ) at 3 AM from Malang to the starting point. Then we took a jeep which drove us to the sun rise point, then we drove to the base of the mountain, and walked up to the crater. It was such an amazing view after all. There was this savanna, it was tranquiling, it blew away all the burdens in my shoulder. Then, we ate Bakso Malang and had this amazing view of mount bromo and mount batok. It couldnt get better.

I was really serious with CIMSA until I decided to apply to become one of the officials for the new period. I was Vice Local Coordinator for External's candidature, but lost to my friend which happened to be VLE candidate as well. She's great though, no wonder that she got more vote than mine. Devastated ? Yes. Cried ? Yes. Giving up? Nope. There are plenty ways to achieve in front of me!

So, my first year has been such ups and downs, I was grateful surrounded by people who love and hate me. It's making me stronger than ever. I got a lot of critisms that I have never gotten before, it was sad at first, but lately, I take it as a compliment. Thanks guys for the memory for my first year of medschool!